Tous les choses bonnes dois viennent un fin.

C’est incroyable,  la piéce Cendrillon (pour ce qui j’était un soeur laid) a fini. La derniere piéce était il y a plus d’une semaine, ce qu’était très triste pour moi parce que j’ai eu beaucoup d’amusante. Il semble comme hier que c’était le premiére jour de la piéce.

Tempus fugit is an appropriate phrase to use here. The summer has flown by- I’ve been out of school for 5 weeks now. But this statistic is slightly daunting; my summer is half over. As much as I love my school and I am sort of excited for school to start again, I’m definitely a fan of summer days full of reading, swimming, tennis, running, friends, and theater.

How have you been spending your summer? (or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere)

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  1. Allegra said,

    July 30, 2011 @ 8:11 am     

    Hi, Dominique,
    Can you believe how quickly the summer has flown by? It’s especially crazy for me, as I’m started high school after two years of homeschooling at the end of August. Nervous, nervous, nervous…I’m kinda-sorta-maybe freaking out!
    I’ve mostly been staying at home with my geeky pursuits– I finally have my own laptop, so I can work on my book for hours without being told to “get off the computer, I need it.” I’m also taking sailing lessons in the mornings every other week and volunteering at the library once a week.

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