Il semble comme le ciel sait que c’est presque l’automne.

Basically all of June and July was beautiful. It was sunny nearly every day, warm, and the sky was a lovely cerulean blue. Hardly a cloud was even in the sky. For once it was raining day in and day out. The weather was behaving well. As the month changed to August the weather changed as well- for the worse. Suddenly the bright sky was covered with clouds and the glorious sunlight muted. Rain is now a much more common occorence- just this morning I awoke to soaked grass, damp pavement, and water coating any flat surface. Blah! It seems that the weather is beginning to change to autumn- it knows that school, and winter, is coming.

When does school start for you?

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  1. star23 said,

    September 13, 2011 @ 11:38 am     

    i like your blog you added similies.and its bad when there’s a beautiful sky and then a second ago it changes.but you have a great blog that’s why you have so much should check out my blog sometime good luck!!

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