Revenons à nos moutons, ça semble que j’ai oublié que j’ai un blog.

Happy New Years everyone! It’s unfortunate that in 2011, although I had a great year in general, my blogging lapsed. I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun with this blog but realistically I doubt that I’ll be able to post at a constant rate. I simply have so many other things in my life, from SohCahToa (trigonometry anyone?) and all its lovely components, to swimming, to theater, to school in general, that I don’t have time for blogging. Or when I do have time, I use it for reading (good!) or dwindle it away on Facebook (bad). Hopefully I’ll be able to post sometimes, as infrequent as they might be. Partially, I just don’t really have anything to blog about. There’s nothing incredible going on in my life in the moment, and nothing in particular about my life that will capture a global audience’s attention. So in a way, although I won’t be deleting this blog, it has run its course, and this is farewell.

However, feel free to comment on any of my posts. If you aren’t spam (which obviously is easy to tell by the nature of the comment), I’ll always try to reply on your blog!

I can’t believe all the wonderful students and educators that I have connected with when I did maintain my blog. There are so many incredible students and educators out there, and so many who maintain fantastic blogs. In the past few years I won two blogging awards, and as insignificant  as as they might seem to some, meant the world to me. I have a Slovakian penpal who I am in regular correspondence with and have been for the past two years because I commented on his teacher’s blog one day.  I really took some great things out of blogging, I just wish I had all the time in the world to blog.

Of course if something really exciting happens I’ll blog about it, but I just wanted to put an official statement of blog lapsing out. Don’t expect weekly posts. Maybe annually? (Just kidding…..perhaps.)

Ciao for now.

Nagez, nagez, nagez!

I went back to swimming again this summer after an almost 5 year hiatus. I had a lot of fun swimming in the summer and it was a great refresher for the swim team that I’m currently on. I don’t know why I quit after a sucessful winter and summer season when I was 9? Actually, I lie. I do know why I quit. My parents did not want to commit to the five days aweek practices that would have entailed the following year. But I came back, quite literally out of the blue, because I remembered that when I was nine I truly loved it. Many people would not enjoy swimming lap after lap after lap, kicking, diving, and doing all sorts of drills, not to mention the fact that it it is quite strenuous. But I do. I really do love it and hopefully I can catch back up to the kids my age (who just happen to have been swimming for the past six years while I was not). I’m just happy to be back- it’s nice to have swimming in my life again.

Quinze ans… pas moi?!

For a few years now my sister and I have been hearing Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen” from her album Fearless on the radio; it’s catchy and interesting to listen to. Who would have thought that the day would have ever come where I would be the age in the song?

It’s your freshman year and you’re gonna be here…. well, not quite. I’m going into my sophomore year of high school. But the point of this post is to comment on the complete and utter strangeness of growing up. Just a few years ago fifteen seemed so old- an unattainable and unimaginable fabulous age. I’ve been fifteen for over a week now and I don’t feel any different- no older, no more mature. When I was ten and eleven it seemed like being a teenager would never come, let alone fifteen years old. It’s strange at how fast- and yet how slow- time has gone by. Next August I’ll hopefully be getting my permit. One of my closest friends (a grade older than I) just turned 16 and was taking Driver’s Ed this past week. I still associate driving with adults. It’s weird to think my classmates and friends will be driving- and soon enough I. I don’t feel like an adult, I feel like I’m still a little girl- not anywhere old enough to be almost driving. And yet part of me yearns to- the same part that can’t wait for college. Which weirdly enough is waiting for me after only three more years of high school. It seems like I just started freshman year yesterday.

Some part of my mind still sees fifteen and sixteen year olds as so much older and more grown-up, and somehow I don’t quite live up to what I have imprinted in my mind. But my friends sometimes say that I’m the oldest looking in our little group- something that I really don’t see. Then again I had the idea that all girls suddenly became absolutely gorgeous when they were around sixteen or seventeen stuck in my mind until the past few years when I realized that obviously wasn’t reality. So much for sweet naivety.

Perhaps the strangest realization of mine is that my little sister Caroline is going to be thirteen- a TEENAGER- this coming January. She’s still an eight year old in my mind.

And when you’re fifteen you feel like there’s nothing more to figure out

Well, count to ten, take it in

This is life before you know who you’re gonna be


Il semble comme le ciel sait que c’est presque l’automne.

Basically all of June and July was beautiful. It was sunny nearly every day, warm, and the sky was a lovely cerulean blue. Hardly a cloud was even in the sky. For once it was raining day in and day out. The weather was behaving well. As the month changed to August the weather changed as well- for the worse. Suddenly the bright sky was covered with clouds and the glorious sunlight muted. Rain is now a much more common occorence- just this morning I awoke to soaked grass, damp pavement, and water coating any flat surface. Blah! It seems that the weather is beginning to change to autumn- it knows that school, and winter, is coming.

When does school start for you?

Tous les choses bonnes dois viennent un fin.

C’est incroyable,  la piéce Cendrillon (pour ce qui j’était un soeur laid) a fini. La derniere piéce était il y a plus d’une semaine, ce qu’était très triste pour moi parce que j’ai eu beaucoup d’amusante. Il semble comme hier que c’était le premiére jour de la piéce.

Tempus fugit is an appropriate phrase to use here. The summer has flown by- I’ve been out of school for 5 weeks now. But this statistic is slightly daunting; my summer is half over. As much as I love my school and I am sort of excited for school to start again, I’m definitely a fan of summer days full of reading, swimming, tennis, running, friends, and theater.

How have you been spending your summer? (or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere)

Happy (belated) July 4th!

Happy July 4th! For those of my readers in the US, did you do anything fun for July 4th? Do you have any traditions? For those readers not in the US, does your country have an independence day or national celebration day? If so, what are some local traditions?


Cinq plus jours jusqu’a le debut de Cendrillon!

I managed to survive the 8 hour tech rehearsal today and the 8 hour tech rehearsal yesterday unscathed- and we managed to tech the whole show (add in lights and sound). Tech is a long and often boring process but is necessary; the show really starts to come together with transitions and technical effects. And it also signifies that opening night is not too far away; Cinderella opens this Friday. I cannot believe that it is so soon! Tomorrow we’ll be working through the show with tech; it will still be a painstaking process but will go quicker. On Tuesday we will be in full costume, makeup and hair….. I will have crazy hair, garish and over-the-top makeup, and dresses that look like someone ate a lot of Skittles and rainbow bows and threw them up. But then again I’m a stepsister and I can’t look good. Mwahahaha 😀

Happy summer!

My finals (and school) ended last Wednesday!

Seulement moins qu’une plus semaine de l’école avant l’étè!

Je ne crois pas que ce année était trop vite; il semble toujours comme le moyen de l’année, pas le fin! Mais je ne peux pas attendre pour l’étè!

I have less than one week of school left. Ah! This year went by so fast- well, the end of the year did. It seemed like it was just the beginning of spring yesterday and now it’s suddenly summer! As happy as I am for summer (and the lack of homework that entails) I’m actually a little sad that I will not have school everyday. I enjoy class, I really do not mind homework, I like seeing my friends, and I love having lunch at the nearby park (we have an open campus/go wherever you want at lunch).

When do you get out of school?

Are you excited? Sad?

Challenge 10, activity 3

Activity 3 is the blogger’s choice of topic so I decided to sort of do a life update…

Je vais être en Cendrillon!

I was actually just recently cast as the stepsister Joy in my local community theater’s upcoming production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella! I’m so excited and I really can’t wait! I’m also currently in my high school’s spring production of Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw as Mrs. Eynsford-Hill, which I’m having a lot of fun with! We opened last night and we’ll be closing tomorrow. I’m sad that it will be over but yet I’m also relieved- I can now focus on Cinderella and on the last week of tennis (I’m second doubles on my school’s varsity girls team!). Honestly, the balance between school and extra-curriculars is perfect now; although I’m busy it is still manageable.

I decided to practice some picture embedding skills and share this quite interesting picture with the blogosphere. I did not assemble it nor do I know who did. It was simply a photo that a theater friend of mine tagged me in with some of the other Cinderella cast members. The similarities however are really uncanny!

p.s. I only have two more full weeks of school and then one week of final exams, and then summer vacation! It is crazy how fast this year went by! I’m happy for summer being so near, yet I’m also sad because I do enjoy school!

When do you finish this school year? Are you excited for summer? Do you have any exciting plans for summer yet?