Challenge 5: Story from a picture!

I’m sorry about this being a day or so late- I was very busy with school and Halloween!

For challenge 5 there are many different posting options, all somehow incorporating images. I decided to write a story based on the picture below which was chosen by Miss W.

Mishka padded silently through the grass, her keen ears listening for the telltale rustles of a mouse moving across the lawn.  Soon she spotted a field mouse with heather fur crouching among the grass. Mishka crept up to the mouse and was about to pounce when the mouse turned her beady little eyes towards the gray and white cat. Mishka froze with her paw in the air, ready to bat at the mouse, and they both stared at each other for a bit; neither creature moving. The playful cat had lost the element of surprise and was a bit torn at what to do. The mouse glared at the cat and Mishka, feeling quite uncomfortable, slowly backed away. The mouse stood its ground. Soon both the bashful cat and strong-willed mouse were surprised by the sudden sound of laughing. The young princess of Monaco was reading a book on a chaise lounge not far away and had been amused by her cat’s timidness. Mishka, feeling ashamed, darted away from the mouse and leaped onto the princess’s lap, curling up there. The princess stroked the cat’s silky fur and watched the little mouse stride away through the grass, its tawny chest puffed up. She couldn’t help laughing at the brave little mouse and her very silly cat. Mishka was very miffed and vowed to find the impudent little mouse later; she knew that the other palace cats would never let her live that down. So much for thinking that no one else would see me on the lawn hunting mice. Mishka closed her eyes and thought of catnip, drowning out the sound of the other palace cats snickering from the balcony.

Photo: originally from Flickr and copied into my post with permission from Miss W !

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