Edublogs Nominations… :)

It’s tough narrowing down all the great blogs out there but some of them really do stand out.

I think the best student blog is Abbey’s blog Jazzing Up Eighth Grade.  I’ve liked her blog ever since she started it; she’s an excellent writer and her posts are always interesting. She also maintains her blog pretty frequently and is really nice to have a commenting exchange with. Abbey’s blog has a very polished air to it and is top-notch. She also is very easy to relate to in  her posts;  Like Abbey I’m also a piano player (I also played for my middle school’s jazz band) and I enjoy math too (go math team!). I also like her avatar; it’s probably one of my favorites out of all the blogs I’ve visited. Abbey’s also good about commenting back if you comment on one of her posts. I think she’d be a worthy winner of the best student blog award!

I think the best class blog would have to be Miss W’s “Kids in the Mid“.  There are truly so many great class blogs but I do think that Miss W’s is the best. She inspires so many bloggers, both those that are her students and those (like me) sitting half way across the world from her. I love how blogging is integrated into the classroom; if I was one of her student’s blogging would probably be my favorite part of school! Her blog is well updated and she’s excellent about responding back to a comment. Miss W always has nice things to say and her comments also seem to make me feel good.  She is also extremely nice and I’m very happy to know her (through blogging at least). I think she really deserves this award; her blog is a fun, safe, and captivating environment for bloggers throughout the world.

Good luck to everyone nominated! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Edublogs Nominations… :)

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