Challenge 1: Blogging Makeover!

It’s that time of year again… blogging challenge time! I’ve just signed up for the March 2011 challenge and I can’t wait to begin! I do believe that this is my third time participating in the March blogging challenge and I’m nearing my two year blog-iversary-  tomorrow March 7th is the happy day!

One of the aspects of  challenge 1 for the more experienced bloggers (after 2 years I suppose I’m no novice anymore although I’m most certainly still learning!) is to give your blog a makeover. As much as I love my bright green tree theme I have had it for two years- it’s never been changed!  Recently however I’ve found a  theme that I really like; notebook chaos. It’s pretty and I think it would suit my blog well. However I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to give up my current theme though.

On the left is my current theme and on the right is a preview of what my blog might soon look like:

Thoughts? Poll, comment, or do both!

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