Revenons à nos moutons, ça semble que j’ai oublié que j’ai un blog.

Happy New Years everyone! It’s unfortunate that in 2011, although I had a great year in general, my blogging lapsed. I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun with this blog but realistically I doubt that I’ll be able to post at a constant rate. I simply have so many other things in my life, from SohCahToa (trigonometry anyone?) and all its lovely components, to swimming, to theater, to school in general, that I don’t have time for blogging. Or when I do have time, I use it for reading (good!) or dwindle it away on Facebook (bad). Hopefully I’ll be able to post sometimes, as infrequent as they might be. Partially, I just don’t really have anything to blog about. There’s nothing incredible going on in my life in the moment, and nothing in particular about my life that will capture a global audience’s attention. So in a way, although I won’t be deleting this blog, it has run its course, and this is farewell.

However, feel free to comment on any of my posts. If you aren’t spam (which obviously is easy to tell by the nature of the comment), I’ll always try to reply on your blog!

I can’t believe all the wonderful students and educators that I have connected with when I did maintain my blog. There are so many incredible students and educators out there, and so many who maintain fantastic blogs. In the past few years I won two blogging awards, and as insignificant  as as they might seem to some, meant the world to me. I have a Slovakian penpal who I am in regular correspondence with and have been for the past two years because I commented on his teacher’s blog one day.  I really took some great things out of blogging, I just wish I had all the time in the world to blog.

Of course if something really exciting happens I’ll blog about it, but I just wanted to put an official statement of blog lapsing out. Don’t expect weekly posts. Maybe annually? (Just kidding…..perhaps.)

Ciao for now.