Il semble comme le ciel sait que c’est presque l’automne.

Basically all of June and July was beautiful. It was sunny nearly every day, warm, and the sky was a lovely cerulean blue. Hardly a cloud was even in the sky. For once it was raining day in and day out. The weather was behaving well. As the month changed to August the weather changed as well- for the worse. Suddenly the bright sky was covered with clouds and the glorious sunlight muted. Rain is now a much more common occorence- just this morning I awoke to soaked grass, damp pavement, and water coating any flat surface. Blah! It seems that the weather is beginning to change to autumn- it knows that school, and winter, is coming.

When does school start for you?

C’est l’automne!

I have been noticing lately that the trees are changing color. For instance an oak (at least I think it is an oak) that is in my front yard and can be seen from my laptop’s area is  red. It seems that about a week ago the fall foliage was not that noticeable and then the next day BAM! the trees were multicolor. Although I do not particularly enjoy the weather that follows Fall (where I live winters are cold, gray, and slushy, with barely any snow ): ) the trees do look quite beautiful. Amazingly on Sunday and Monday it was really nice weather, and sunny. The next day the sky turned gray again. These seldom gorgeous days will soon be a lost commodity, giving way to gray and cold. My mom has even started telling me that I will soon need to start wearing my wool pea coat instead of my lighter one.

Bonne l’automne!

Do the trees change colors where you live?

Are there any temperature differences now? Or does the climate of where you live stay pretty much the same year round?


Photo: Google  Images